St Luke’s provides pastoral visiting within the parish through its clergy and pastoral visiting team. This care is available to those who are ill in hospital, those whose mobility is limited to home, and to all who request a pastoral visit.

There is a regular and on-going rotation of visits taking place in the parish. You may also call the parish office to arrange for a pastoral visit. In addition to home or hospital visits, our parish priest is available for those who wish to make an appointment to discuss pastoral or other matters at his office. Please contact the parish office to make arrangements for a visit at home or at his office.

Pastoral care is an important  component of ministry at St Luke’s in which the laity play a very important role as members of the pastoral visiting team and as members of the Eucharistic team. Members have undertaken special training for these areas of responsibilities. They are commissioned by the parish in this ministry and, in some circumstances, are also licensed by the Area Bishop.

Father Glenn explained recently,

The participation of our people is a key aspect of being able to provide timely and meaningful pastoral care within the parish. We hope to build on the present teams who have undertaken special training through the guidance and teaching of The Rev’d Doug Woods, Honourary Assistant. Doug and I want to expand the ministry of our pastoral care teams. And we invite parishioners to consider how they may share in this important ministry. This is a really great way to serve in the parish.

Members of the parish who would like to explore the potential of becoming part of these teams are warmly encouraged and invited to speak with Doug or Glenn to learn more about the training opportunities. Or just give a call to the office to start things in process.

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