The parish is fortunate to have a talented choir of about 20 choristers under the musical direction and guidance of Organist and Choir-master, Ian Morton. The choir is present at the 10:30 am Service each Sunday. Ian provides music for the 8:30 am Service. The choir also sings on other occasions from time to time in the life of the parish.

Ian provides details about the organ:

It is a Cassavant organ Opus 309 hand-made in Québec. It has a total of 267 ranks with a total of 24 stops over two manuals and pedals. It contains an unusual number of full-length stops, known as 8 foot stops, and a 16 foot open wood stop in the pedal. There you go: everything you ever wanted to know about this instrument! Actually, it is an exceptional instrument.

It is indeed a joy to hear music played on this organ. Ian provides preludes and postludes to the Services and the choir regularly sings anthems during Services.

The choir practice is each Thursday at 7 pm. They welcome new members who are interested in choral music. Contact any member of the choir for more information. Or speak with Ian.

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