How to find us


St Luke's is easy to find in the East City.

On Armour Road between Parkhill and Hunter.

Call for directions or information 705-742-6202 

Who we are


St Luke's is a friendly, down-to-earth community of the faithful who gather in the name of Jesus Christ. We are engaged in the challenges of revisioning how to be the Church in a changing world. We take Jesus' teaching about loving our sisters and brothers seriously and we reach out to those in need within the local community and further afield.

We invite you to our community. You will find a warm welcome awaits you. Please check out all that we are doing by browsing around our website. We'd be happy to respond to any questions that you'd like to send by emailing us or by giving a call to our office, or by dropping by.

Blessings to you from The People of St Luke's,

Our history


St Luke's parish celebrated its 140th Anniversary in 2016 with a special visit by the Most Reverend Colin Johnson, Archbishop of Toronto and Metropolitan of Ontario. The parish proudly traces its roots back to 1876.

Scott’s Plains, as Peterborough was first called, was served by The Rev’d William McCauley from Cobourg and The Rev’d Joseph Thompson from Cavan. With the arrival in 1825 of the Peterborough Robinson settlers there was a need for schooling for the children, The residents opened a local school. Samuel Armour moved to the area to become the headmaster.

There was also a need for Divine Services. Frances Stewart — Mrs Thomas A Stewart — lived just north of the village. For a long time, she had been petitioning her homeland of Ireland for funds to establish a church in the local area. Samuel Armour commenced Services in the school house while, at the same time, he was studying to become a clergy.

On 24 September 1826, the church was officially declared a mission just two days after Armour had been ordained a Deacon in the Diocese of Quebec which was comprised of Lower and Upper Canada. Ontario, in those days, was known as Upper Canada. by 1876, the parish was officially set apart from St John’s Church to which St Luke’s had been a mission. On 23 September 1877, the first Service was held in a new church building located on Rogers Street. From then until 1959, the congregation flourished until a tragic fire devastated the church in 1959. Two years later, the new church was established on its present site on Armour Road.

original source: St John's Peterborough by Elwood Jones

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