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Gospel quartet sings at St Luke’s

Gospel quartet sings at St Luke's

It was a great afternoon of music for those who made it out to St Luke's on Sunday, 6 May. The repertoire began with Peter Irwin playing airs on the highland pipes with the accompaniment of organist, Ian Morton. The feature of the afternoon was 4 Heaven's Sake who sing gospel music in barbershop four-part harmony. They are a quartet who are also members of the Tri-City Gospel Chorus which is a men's choir comprised of a hundred voices. People from Peterborough and area gathered for the afternoon that highlighted  gospel music.


Geoff Hewittson served as MC for the afternoon. He welcomed everyone and then provided some background about the highland pipes. He also gave a quick history on barbershop four-part harmony and explained how barbershop quartets came into being. He then welcomed and introduced the 4 Heaven's Sake quartet who were the feature of the afternoon.

It was a fun afternoon with beautiful harmonies and some light-hearted stories that 4 Heaven's Sake shared between pieces of music. Those gathered also got to join in singing a few lively gospel favourites. It was a great afternoon.

The event was masterfully organized by Margaret Pulver who heads up fundraising at St Luke's.

We extend heartfelt thanks to the 4 Heaven's Sake Quartet -- Richard, Brian, Donald, and Duncan. Our thanks also to Peter Irwin and to Ian Morton, and to Jeff as MC. Special thanks to Margaret for all her work in organizing this wonderful afternoon.

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