All are welcome to join in the Celebration of Jesus’ Birth on the Eve of the Nativity, 24 December.

  • 2 pm Holy Eucharist, St Mark’s, Keene, Celebrant, The Rev’d Doug Woods — directions

  • 4 pm Family Eucharist, St Luke’s, Celebrant, The Rev’d Glenn Empey

  • 7 pm Candle Light, Choir and Holy Eucharist, Celebrant, The Rev’d Doug Woods

At 7 pm, The Rev’d Glenn Empey will be the Celebrant at St Matthew – St Aidan, Buckhorn.

The 4 pm and 7 pm Services will be the only Services at St Luke’s on Sunday 24 December. On Christmas Day, the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at St John’s for Anglicans in Peterborough who wish to attend on Christmas Day.

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