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The Sacraments and Ministry of the Church are available to you for the steps in life that mark major Life Events.

Become baptized

Baptism (which comes from the Greek verb “to wash”) is the universal ritual of initiation into the fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ known as the Church. Christians, whether adults or infants, are baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Baptism is one of the two holy acts mandated by Jesus—the other being the sacred meal of bread and wine known as the Eucharist.

While people are baptized as individuals, they are baptized into a community of faith that promises to:

  • persevere in resisting evil
  • forgive one another, as God has forgiven them
  • seek and serve Christ in all persons
  • strive for justice and peace among all people, respecting the dignity of every human being
  • strive to safeguard the integrity of God’s creation, and
  • respect, sustain and renew the life of the Earth

Parents bringing children to be baptized make a commitment to nurturing them in the faith and life of the Christian community.

All baptized persons are encouraged to participate in God’s work in the world through their gifts of time, talent and financial resources.

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Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Get married

Blessings and congratulations to you.

A wedding is a happy occasion to celebrate with family and friends. It is also a spiritual occasion and it is a Sacrament of the Church.

The best way to explore a wedding at St Luke's is by contacting the parish office and arranging to meet with our parish priest. He will be happy to explain the process and to discuss your hopes for your special day.

It is wise to do this well ahead of time so that the church schedule can be booked for the required date and time. It may be possible to hold your reception in the parish hall if you so wish.

It is the practice for parishes in the Diocese of Toronto that weddings be performed in the church. Under special circumstances with the permission of the Bishop, alternate settings may be possible. At least one of the couple to be married must have received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

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Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Receive Ministry to the Sick

Various Ministries of Healing are available in the Sacraments, rites, and ministry of the Church. These have been traditionally known as Ministry to the Sick. They include:

  • Communion for shut-ins and those in hospital
  • Healing Ministry - Anointing, Confession and Absolution, Laying on of Hands
  • plus other relevant pastoral ministries and pastoral visits

In addition to our parish clergy, St Luke's has a Team of Lay Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers who assist in meeting pastoral needs.

Please speak with our clergy or contact the parish office.

You may also arrange to meet with our parish priest for any personal or pastoral matter.

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Arrange a funeral

Christians believe that the end of this life on earth is the beginning of a glorious new life in Christ. Anglican funerals try to balance the grief of the living with a celebration of the life of the deceased, and faith in the hope of the resurrection.

If your loved one is approaching death or has died, the clergy of St Luke's would be honoured to walk with you and support you in this difficult time.


The Anglican Church of Canada offers various forms of service from the prayer books of the church. These services offer different opportunities for family and friends to participate.

The parish priest and family together arrange the service structure, readings, music, readers, prayer leaders and other appropriate ways to remember the departed.

The prayer books assume the presence of the body or cremated remains at the funeral. Services may be held also at the graveside, in a funeral home or in a crematorium in addition to / or instead of the service in the church. A memorial service may also be requested.

Next Steps

For more information on Anglican funerals, contact our parish clergy through the parish office or ask your funeral director to make contact.

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Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Find out more

The clergy of St Luke's would be honoured to respond to your pastoral need. The Sacraments and Ministries that can be provided especially for major Life Events include:

  • Baptism (and Confirmation)
  • Communion for shut-ins and those in hospital
  • Marriage
  • Healing Ministry - Anointing, Confession and Absolution, Laying on of Hands
  • Funeral -- Thanksgiving and Celebration of the Life of a Loved One
  • plus other pastoral ministries in response to your particular need

Please contact us:

Telephone 705-742-6202

Email Parish Secretary or Parish Priest, The Rev'd Glenn Empey

More background

St Luke's is a parish in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. Each parish comprises a community of faith but these communities are parts of the wider community of faith known as the Church (capital 'c') -- the Body of Christ.

The Anglican Church of Canada is a part of the worldwide Christian Church. Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth, a first-century Jewish preacher in Palestine, was in fact God incarnate. If you are completely new to Christianity, a helpful resource to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith is the BBC website.

There are more than two billion Christians worldwide. Four major branches of Christianity are:

  1. The Orthodox Church, Eastern and Oriental
  2. The Roman Catholic Church
  3. The Anglican Church
  4. The Protestant Churches

Anglicans are influenced by both the Protestant and Catholic traditions.

The whole Anglican family worldwide has more than 80 million members in 165 countries, and is known as the Anglican Communion. The parishes, dioceses and provinces of the Anglican Communion are interdependent, supporting each other by sharing financial and other resources.

While each national or regional church within the Communion is autonomous, the Archbishop of Canterbury is its spiritual head and the chief sign of its unity.

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto

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