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Responsive design means that the website will adjust in size according to the screen on which you are viewing it. It will adjust for your large screen on a PC or Mac or to the smaller screen size for your tablet or a smart phone. Cool eh. On a PC or Mac, we recommend viewing in full-screen mode. That way you see all the graphics at their best.

About posting a comment

We welcome comments and simply ask that they be civil and respectful. We also respect a diversity of opinions. To protect the site from spam [electronic junk mail], comments are moderated. Once they are approved, they will be posted and then you will see them in the comment area of the relevant post. This may take a little while for our web-master to be notified that a comment has been posted for moderation.

 It’s great to have you visit

Please browse around our website. There is regularly new content. We welcome your feedback, comments, or suggestions.

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